Serving Calgary, and all surrounding communities, rhinorealty’s discount Flat Fee Full Service Program offers low real estate commissions for sellers looking for complete 100% REALTOR® services. Or, if you prefer to be more involved and maximize your savings, a private sale is now more easily achieved with one of our Owner Participation Packages.
At rhinorealty, we understand that your goal is to save on real estate fees and maximize your net proceeds upon the sale of your home. With that in mind, our Flat Fee Full Service Program can be paid in three different ways, catering to your personal preferences. All three options offer significant savings over the commonly-quoted traditional real estate commissions. And, regardless of which payment option you choose, we always work hard to save you money on the buyer’s agent commission.
All payment options include the exact same package of complete REALTOR® services. Please note that any monies paid upon listing are non-refundable. All cooperating buyer’s agent commissions are additional to our fees, payable only upon closing, and will be deducted from the proceeds of your sale.
With any of rhino’s three Owner Participation Packages, you can add the MLS® System to your listing for only $299.95 and access the largest pool of qualified buyers in Canada! With our low-cost flat fee MLS® System option, your home will appear on and Canada’s most visited real estate websites. You can also choose to add a REALTOR® Lockbox for only $99.95. Don’t be a FSBO… be a rhino!
If you’re looking to participate in the sale of your home, and maximize your savings on real estate fees, rhinorealty’s Owner Participation Program is your answer. Our packages offer the most complete set of services and add-ons of all real estate brokerages that offer this type of mere posting property listing. Get your home on the MLS® System and increase your chances of enjoying a commission-free sale. Don’t be a FSBO… be a rhino!
Worried about dealing with the negotiations and paperwork? No problem. Get expert advice when it’s needed most… at crunch time! Sign-up for NegotiAid®, rhinorealty’s signature contract assistance tool, and leave the worries to us! With rhino’s NegotiAid®, one of our experienced licensed REALTORS® will negotiate on your behalf and ensure all the paperwork is in proper order. And the best part is you only pay a one-time flat fee of $1299.95 when the deal is done.
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