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Serving Alberta residents for over a decade, rhinorealty is one of Alberta’s oldest ‘alternative model’ real estate brokerages. We are a small group of well-educated REALTORS® that philosophically and fundamentally disagree with the ‘traditional’ real estate model. Our opinion is that the closed nature of the MLS® System allows these traditional brokerages, and their REALTORS®, to overcharge Canadian homeowners when it comes time to sell their home.

We also believe that change is best accomplished from within, the industry that is. So each and every day we work hard to educate consumers that ‘buying’ real estate services is no different than buying any other product, or service. You should research your choices, shop for the best value and then make your decision. And most importantly, don’t allow an unfounded sense of fear cloud your good judgement.

So, the question is, why do we do what we do? Well, like any business, we're trying to make a profit. But it's more than that. The owners of rhinorealty, Julian Aiuto & Karissa Freund truly believe in free enterprise, consumer choice and a competitive marketplace. Real estate services should not be an exception. Therefore, it's not so much that we enjoy saving you money, although we do, as it is about believing that no industry, including real estate, should be allowed to take advantage of the public.

A common question we get asked after doing a great job for a client is this:

"Why doesn't everyone use you guys?"
And although we know that we work hard and do an excellent job for all our clients, we usually interpret their question to mean this: Why doesn’t everyone eschew the traditional real estate model and save money by using an alternative real estate brokerage?

So here’s how we answer them:
We tell them that within the real estate industry there are some major franchises that have enormous marketing budgets, and consequently, that leads many people to believe they are the best option, even though they’re not.

We also tell them that although not everyone uses alternative real estate brokerages, every type of person does. Wealthy people use our services, as do people of modest means. Young people use our services, as do senior citizens. First time home buyers and sellers use our services, as do those that have had numerous real estate experiences.

So in all the years we have been serving Alberta home owners, we’ve found that our clients fall into one of two categories. First is the homeowner that has done their research and has concluded that there is no good reason to pay high real estate fees. We call them the smart people. And the second type has usually been referred to us by one of the aforementioned smart people.

rhinorealty... changing the industry one smart client at a time.

We offer homeowners savings, options and flexibility... now that’s a refreshing change.

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