How We're Different

Take the worry out of selling and choose our Flat Fee Full Service Program.

At rhinorealty, our agents are qualified, educated and, most importantly, experienced. Each of our agents receives unparalleled brokerage training, continual industry education and, of course, extensive practical experience. While training and education are essential, nothing qualifies a REALTOR® to look after your interests better than personal involvement in a broad range of real estate transactions on a day-to-day basis. As a result of our low-cost commission structure, all of our agents in Alberta are high volume producers that can get the results you need, in the time you need it done.

How We Do It?

We’re often asked how we can do the same job, or better, for less cost than traditional brokerages. The answer is that we have far better efficiencies and lower costs as a result of our unique business model. We are one of very few real estate brokerages in Canada that operate a Broker-Centric business model as opposed to an Agent-Centric model.

Broker-Centric Model

Broker-Centric companies make their profit from doing real estate transactions, not from charging their REALTORS® non transaction related expenses. The brokerage is therefore keenly interested in cost efficiencies and the competence of each of their agents. The REALTORS® within a Broker-Centric model do not compete with each other for business, their focus is on dealing with clients and selling their listings.

Agent-Centric Model

Agent-Centric brokerages make their profit from their REALTORS® and are largely indifferent to the success, or failure, of any particular agent within their brokerage. In fact, Agent-Centric brokerages want as many REALTORS® as possible because that’s their primary source of income. Then, the agents within that brokerage are left to compete with each other for business. The brokerage assumes little to no cost, or risk, associated with the sale of your home, the agent does. This model produces high individual costs for each REALTOR® as well as a tremendous amount of redundancy and a high degree of inefficiency. Ultimately that increased cost is passed onto you, the home owner.

The Result

Unlike agents at standard Agent-Centric brokerages, our REALTORS® at rhinorealty do not work independently on the sale of your home. The brokerage is actively involved in each of our listings and our REALTORS® support one another if and when required. We keep our team small and efficient, to ensure we only attract and retain the most qualified and experienced agents. A smaller office ensures our Realtor’s are always working, are skillfully trained and are able to handle enough business to earn a good living. A small but very efficient office ensures we keep our costs down and are able to pass those savings on to our clients. Furthermore, our agents do not pay highly inflated monthly desk fees to cover high franchise fees or institutional marketing fees that are sometimes associated with working under a large national or international realty brand. Our Broker-Centric model produces huge efficiencies and significant cost savings, not self-centered REALTORS®.

We offer homeowners savings, options and flexibility... now that’s a refreshing change.

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