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Are you thinking about buying a home?

If so, rhinorealty wants to represent you in that purchase. So much so in fact, that we will pay you for that privilege. Our CashBack Reward Program offers you the services of an experienced buyer's agent and puts cash in your pocket. Truly, it pays to be a rhino!

You will never be restricted to a certain time line, or penalized by the number of home tours prior to purchasing. It's simple, use a rhinoagent to buy your next home and put cash in your pocket.

Buy a home using a rhinoagent as your exclusive REALTOR® representative and receive


on your possession day.

RhinoRealty has paid our clients $700,000 in Buyer CashBack rewards & counting….

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Resale, Spec Home or New Build:

Our CashBack Reward Program applies to all types of property purchases. Whether you’re buying a resale home through the MLS® System, a For Sale by Owner, a builder spec home or building brand new, your purchase qualifies for our program. Most people understand that using a REALTOR® to buy a home through the MLS® System is common practice, but using a REALTOR® to represent you in a new home build is also a very smart and safe idea. Our REALTORS® can advise you on lot selection, floor plans and most importantly keep the negotiations from getting too personal. Remember though, if you want us to represent you in a new home build, you must start with us at the outset of your search.

Using a REALTOR® to buy:

Choosing to use a REALTOR®, when purchasing your next home, is a smart and responsible course of action. Buying on your own is risky business as there are a number of circumstances that can require expert advice. These include, but are not limited to, providing advice on value and resale potential. A buyer’s agent can also advise you of any seller disclosures and/or bylaw infractions that may pertain to the property. Additionally, buying a home through the listing agent may not be in your best interests as that agent does not owe you the same fiduciary obligations as that of a buyer’s agent working on your behalf.

How buyer's agents are compensated:

When a home seller signs a listing contract with a REALTOR®, the contract always states the total commission to be paid by the seller and how much of that commission the seller's brokerage will pay to the cooperating buyer's agent. The exception to this format is mere postings where the seller pays a cooperating buyer’s agent, if there is one, directly, not through the listing brokerage. In either case, it is generally the seller, not the buyer that pays the commission to both the listing brokerage and the buyer’s brokerage. In Alberta, it is a rare transaction where the buyer is out of pocket for real estate commissions.

Cash incentives and how they work:

Changes to the Alberta Real Estate Act now allow licensed REALTORS® to pay cash incentives to non-licensed individuals. What this means is that if you purchase a home using a licensed REALTOR®, the brokerage is now allowed to pay you, as an incentive to get your business, a portion of their commission earned. The payment is treated as an expense to the brokerage and is tax free to you, the home buyer, as it amounts to a rebate. Leading the way in Alberta, rhinorealty was the first real estate brokerage to offer a brokerage-wide commission rebate to people wishing to purchase a home.

Signing up for your Cashback Reward:

In Alberta, it is now law that you sign a Buyer Representation Agreement if you are working with a REALTOR® to purchase a property. Sign an Exclusive Buyer Representation Agreement with rhinorealty® and when you successfully purchase a home through one of our agents, receive a $1,000 from us on possession day! Buyers who sign a Non-Exclusive Buyer Representation agreement will not be eligible for the Cashback Reward.

We offer homeowners savings, options and flexibility... now that’s a refreshing change.

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