Real Estate FAQ's

+  Who is rhinorealty?

+  How do you differ from a
      traditional real estate

+  Can a traditional agent sell my
      house faster or for more money?

+  How much are traditional real
      estate fees?

+  How much does rhinorealty

+  Do you charge any upfront fees?

+  How can you charge less?

+  Does your fee include the buyer's
      agent commission?

+  Are your listings on the MLS®
      System and

+  How much do I have to pay a
      cooperating buyer's agent?

+  Will buyer's agents show my
      house for less than what is

+  Have you ever sold with less than
      the "normal" buyer's agent

+  Why doesn't everyone sell with a
      discount or flat fee real estate

+  Are there any other costs I need
      to consider?

+  Your program looks great for
      home sellers, but what if I am

We offer homeowners savings, options and flexibility... now that’s a refreshing change.

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